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We still love books

There is nothing like a smooth paperback that can accompany you everywhere – to the park, on the beach, in front of a fire, at 30,000 feet in the air, or simply when you’re snuggling up in bed after an arduous day at work. The sensation of holding a book in your hands, as opposed to an ebook reader, tablet, or laptop, is unparallel - and you don’t have to be “old fashioned” to consent!

Unlike what some may think, the traditional book market hasn’t faded yet. Statistically, printed books are still at an all time high, with revenue streaming in at the same rate as ebooks. This indicates that while the ebook market is at its peak, physical books are just as highly preferred as they were before the ebook revolution. It is apparently too difficult to eradicate such a cultural hallmark. After all, without books -this enduring commodity for all ages- who would we be today?

Publishing a book nowadays is a much more accessible venue than it was twenty years ago. But how can you publish a book just the way you want and envision it? How can you flesh out that vision according to your own needs? Don’t fret about answering either, because that’s what we’re here for.

Getting your book published, be that a paperback or hardback, is easier than you may think. Here at 186Red Publishing we make sure that all your requirements are met by providing a book publishing experience based on expert consultancy, flexibility, customization, quality publishing technology, affordability, and personal support throughout the whole venture – what more could you want? Our team of dedicated professionals walks with you each step of the way from conception to production, to ensure that your book will sparkle end-to-end. Even once your final product is published, we are there to consult and advise you on how to further your book’s journey in regard to distribution and promotion.

If you can’t wait to get your book published, contact us for further details

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