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Bring on the Magazine!

Flicking through a magazine has become synonymous with desiring more in life. What appears in a magazine is what the reader wants and aspires to acquire. While most marketing endeavours either make or break a brand, magazines almost always amass a torrent of followers and bring in hoards of avid consumers.

A magazine is the heartbeat of any commercial enterprise. It facilitates interaction between the brand and target audiences unlike any other form of media while simultaneously leveraging your business and spreading the word. A consumer magazine is user-friendly, tangible, colourful, fun, and filled with quality content that caters as a window to a niche world – the world you want to promote.

Extending your reach via a magazine, either as a company or community, guarantees successful exposure every single time. A magazine brands your concept visually while balancing between textual content and design; that is why it is pivotal to find the right publisher to do the job for you.

186Red comes in to offer the results you are constantly visualising but find hard to implement. For more than a decade, we have successfully been delivering custom publishing solutions for newsstand magazines, retail catalogues, corporate newsletters, and a plethora of marketing materials. We are dedicated to providing quality publishing services and making the experience a smooth one while guiding and assisting you the whole way. Beyond the publishing service itself, we are happy to take on a range of relevant services, such as demographic research, editing, and distribution.

To see your magazine in print as soon as possible, contact us for further information.

Note: In the meantime, I challenge you to sit in a doctor's office or hairdressing salon and fight the boredom of the wait without a magazine to flick through (even if it is the Reader's Digest from 1992!)

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